Information Security & Cyber Liability Risk Management: The Third Annual Survey on the Current State of and Trends in Information Security and Cyber Liability Risk Management
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Historians may look at the year 2013 as a sort of cyber tipping-point - the point at which businesses and governments finally realized the severity of the threats they were facing. Revelations about the NSA's cyber espionage program, evidence of theft of business intellectual property by state-sponsored hackers and attacks on the U.S. financial system by the Syrian Electronic Army are a few of the many cyber events that made headlines.

Exposures such as operational disruptions due to denial of service attacks, lost or stolen data, violation of privacy laws and intellectual property infringement have long been a concern of larger companies. In 2013, smaller businesses began to increasingly realize that they were also at risk. As a result, information security risks became a risk management focus of more organizations and insurance cemented itself as a part of the cyber risk management strategy for a majority of organizations surveyed by Advisen.

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