Advisen offers the widest array of corporate, legal, regulatory and financial information available from a single resource in the commercial insurance industry. The information is designed specifically to provide insurance executives with the best market and business intelligence to make better business decisions.
Advisen's data is rapidly becoming the benchmark of the insurance carriers, brokers, risk and benefit managers that depend on Advisen for up-to-date, comprehensive market information.
Advisen market and business intelligence includes:
  • Full financial information for all public companies globally and summary information for hundreds of thousands of private companies;
  • Up-to-the minute news from thousands of newspapers and professional journals from around the world;
  • Case law from all U.S. federal and state courts, as well as full docket information on litigation for U.S. federal courts;
  • All SEC filings, and specific focus on 10Ks, 10Qs and DEF14A's;
  • Regulatory Violation data from United States and Canada, eg. the SEC, FDA, OSHA, etc.;
  • Insurance market information for virtually every country in the world;
  • Insurance market benchmarking data on premiums, retentions, amounts of insurance and demographics;
  • Key insurance-related legislation and regulation;
  • Large loss statistics;
  • Direct access to hundreds of insurance-related Web sites;
  • Policy comparisons for major commercial insurance lines;
  • Proprietary Advisen analysis of important insurance industry issues.
This data combines with Advisen's proprietary tools to create the most powerful information platform in the commercial insurance industry.
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