Company background

Advisen Ltd. provides insight into underwriting, marketing and purchasing commercial insurance. Advisen's web-based workstation incorporates real-time analytics and research on over 15 million entities around the globe, subsidiaries, and thousands of industries. Advisen currently serves over 500 leading commercial insurers, insurance brokers, risk management departments of major corporations, law firms and other related organizations. Proprietary offerings of the Advisen service include Program/Policy Large Loss Data Benchmarking, Custom Templates for Underwriting Work-ups, Company and Industry Research, Loss & Risk Analysis, Management Portfolio Analysis and Policy Wording Comparison. Headquartered in New York City, Advisen was established in 2000 by a team of seasoned insurance and technology professionals. Today, Advisen is backed and funded by some of the commercial insurance industry's most recognized and respected executives.

Partnerships & Endorsement

Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS)

Since 2002, Advisen and the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) have partnered to produce the RIMS Benchmark Survey Online -- the first and only real-time, interactive window into the commercial insurance market. Advisen also publishes the RIMS Benchmark Survey annual book. Visit RIMS at www.rims.org.

American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM)

ASHRM and Advisen formed a non-exclusive, co-marketing relationship in October 2004 to give ASHRM members the ability to independently explore commercial insurance trends and market conditions in the healthcare industry. Advisen enables subscribers to determine marketplace trends on demand and in real-time; present recommendations to senior management; and support commercial insurance decision-making processes. ASHRM members are invited to contribute program data to Advisen on a voluntary basis. The program data from ASHRM members is then aggregated and reproduced on Advisen's web-based platform to facilitate risk management and executive level commercial insurance decision-making. Visit ASHRM at www.ashrm.org.


Since April 2008 AIRMIC (Association of Insurance and Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce) has been working closely with Advisen to provide the AIRMIC membership with commercial insurance benchmarking data for specified lines of business. This data is analyzed by Advisen and then a report is published which informs insurance professionals about their buying practices and trends in comparison to their peers. These annual benchmarking reports include D&O, Casualty and Property. AIRMIC and their members find these reports extremely valuable and find that these reports attract sponsorship by leading carrier and broker organizations. Visit Airmic at www.airmic.com


Advisen is endorsed by Assurex Global as a valuable tool and addition to the process of client acquisition and client retention. Currently, several Assurex Global Partners subscribe to Advisen to perform such functions as researching all aspects of a client or prospect's business, prospecting for new business, performing Benchmark analysis and conducting policy form comparisons. Visit Assurex Global at www.assurexglobal.com


Advisen is endorsed by RiskProNet as a valuable tool in helping their clients choose the best policies. RiskProNet members provide their clients with assistance of a local broker, and the capabilities of an international brokerage network of more than 300 offices worldwide. Since many local companies prefer to work with brokers who have local roots, RiskProNet is an attractive option. Unlike huge brokerage firms who assign junior level people to handle local accounts, RiskProNet brokers take pride in providing seasoned insurance leadership to local clients as well as smaller accounts. They utilize the power of their network to leverage their access to insurance markets worldwide. Visit RiskProNet at www.riskpronet.com


About Advisen Professional, Our Premiere Product

"Because we will not sacrifice underwriting integrity or discipline, in the past, we were not quoting risks because of a lack of consolidated access to information...Over the past year, the number of submissions have increased and the number of quotes are increasing.- President, New York-based carrier*
"When I left my previous job (where I had Advisen) I realized quickly how much I missed having all that information at my finger tips. I like being able to pull up benchmark information quickly and easily and being prepared with my own information when brokers and insurance companies provided me with benchmark data. I use it like an integrity check."- Risk Manager, Fortune 500 company
"Advisen paid for itself in first 4 weeks. We had been trying for 2 years to get a client to buy more coverage, fearing they were underinsured. Using Advisen benchmarking, we were able to convince client to buy $25million additional in umbrella. Commission far in excess of Advisen cost."- Broker, Top 100 brokerage
"I just wanted to drop a quick note and say thank you for all of your efforts. The information you provided was critical to our presentation and we were able to impress the prospect. Thank you again for taking the time to help us with the research."- Broker, Top 100 brokerage
"There were a couple instances in which I uncovered underwriting red flags in the Advisen tool that I otherwise would not have caught on my own. And there was another instance in which I was participating on a renewal review conference call and as the local underwriter went through their accounts, I would pull them up on Advisen to look for anything that jumped out that was not mentioned. I was able to catch two potential issues that the local underwriter totally missed due to my access to Advisen."- Senior Underwriter, Top 10 P&C market
"You did a great job getting me and my team familiar with the outstanding capabilities of Advisen. I realize that we only scratched the surface - however, I'm sure that it will be a power tool for me as regards client service and client / prospect related sales!"- SVP Account Executive, Atlanta-based brokerage
"I was at a new client presentation today for a Fortune 500 company and they asked if we subscribed to Advisen. We do."- Broker, Top 100 brokerage
"The 'Who Writes What Coverage Where' function looks awesome. Please let me know when there will be a webcast on this topic, so I can make sure our marketing people can be involved. Thanks again for the heads up. You guys are doing a great job."- Producer, Top 100 brokerage
"Hey guys! Just a short update on our Advisen experience... 'They really deliver.' It's very powerful stuff and their service is great. Today, they spent about 45 minutes with me putting together a great target suspect list. If you use Advisen, it will be worth the investment."- Regional Brokerage President, California office
"The best part about this tool is that it cuts out a lot of the time I typically spend bouncing around various websites looking for the information I need. Too much of our underwriting time is spent on cutting and pasting financial ratios, stock charts, executive bios, etc. into a write up when this could easily be downloaded. This is where the most efficiency gains could be reached."- Underwriter, Top 10 P&C market
"Please see some of the research capabilities of Advisen. I believe that their services are excellent and they are expanding them all the time."- CEO, Top 10 wholesaler
"It is still used predominantly by insurance executives, and most of the features it offers are insurance specific, but don't let that fool you -- it has a lot to offer to anyone doing general business research."- Head Librarian, Top 25 law firm
"I use Advisen on a daily basis. For prospecting, policy comparison and benchmarking. Advisen is a key tool to our future success..."- Broker, regional firm

About The RIMS Benchmark Survey Online

"We have just renewed our annual subscription to the RIMS Benchmarking Survey powered by Advisen. This user-friendly service has enabled us to improve our Diagnostic Coverage Reviews by providing us access to up-to-date cost of risk data and a wide array of risk metric exhibits that can be readily cut and paste into our client reports."- NJ-based Risk Management Consultant
"The online survey process has been tremendously easy and valuable. The Advisen staff has been unbelievably helpful to me and my staff as we have tried to do the survey and begin to get some useful benchmarking results. They really have their act together and they have an excellent customer focus. They have answered our repeated phone calls and special questions with speed and a ready answer. I do hope that [RIMS] will continue the partnership with them in future years."- California Risk Manager

About Advisen Front Page News

"I am a huge fan of your Front Page News. I read that and the Wall Street Journal every morning. I think what you guys are doing is huge!"- Head of US-based reinsurer
"By the way, we really like Advisen, and this week has been a particularly interesting one for the insurance industry and Advisen has been very useful to keep track of what's going on internationally."- Consultant, London
"I must tell you that Advisen news is something else. That piece on the Marsh brokers hit my inbox, and I worked with all those guys, I got 5 e-mails in 5 minutes from friends in Denver, New York, Chicago - bam bam bam- just incredible how extensive Advisen's network is."- Senior Account Executive, Top 100 brokerage
"Thanks for including me in Advisen's People on the Move column. Yes, it was noticed. I have had numerous (actually more than 100) people e-mail or call me as a result -- very effective."- Brokerage Head starting a new firm
"Tell Ruggieri that I give in. I am missing too much. Sign me up for news subscription please. Thank you."- Bermuda-based Carrier

* In the interest of protecting client confidentiality, we have witheld the specific names and companies of the subscribers who have provided these testimonials.